BPDL: Control from A to Z

Our family-owned company has achieved 100% integration and can assure each and every step from design to installation. This means custom solutions and no unexpected setback along engineering, molding, transportation and installation.

Architectural Results

Precast concrete gives form to architectural vision, whether it is to create, restore or even
entirely rebuild an iconic building. In short, with precast concrete, BPDL has brought back elegance and aesthetics back into the construction paradigm. 



A Sustainable Solution
in the World of Construction

Precast concrete makes projects durable by combining quality and rapidity of construction in part due to precast concrete’s great resilience. Performing concretes mixes, along with a controlled production, assures durability and reliability making life easier down to the final users.




year of establishment

BPDL has made a difference in many projects across the Americas.
Whether working on hotel, residential and commercial projects, urban design or road infrastructures, BPDL has risen to the challenges, no matter how complex the projects were. Over the years, we have also distinguished ourselves from the competitors with a long-standing client base.

We own facilities in 3 countries in which we operate various plants. This multi-plant environment and our large production and storage capacity have allowed us to lead volume projects from Brazil to Canada and throughout Eastern US.


EPD for precast concrete now available
January 22, 2016
EPD for precast concrete now available
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The Environmental Production Declaration (EDP) is now available for 3 precast concrete produts:  architectural & insulated wall panel, structural Precast Concrete Products and underground Precast Concrete Products.  The EPDs were independently prepared by Athena Sustainable Materials Institute.   To download copies of the precast concrete EPDs, click on the links below:

Architectural and Insulated Wall Panels

Structural Precast Concrete Products 

Underground Precast Concrete Products


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BPDL: 40 years of activities
November 17, 2015
BPDL: 40 years of activities
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Founded in 1976, BPDL will soon celebrate its 40th anniversary. To emphasize this moment of our history we will use a significant logo during 2016. Celebratory events were planned:  follow us!

30 Park Place (99 Church)
October 13, 2015
30 Park Place (99 Church)
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BPDL just completed a spectacular project from all points of view. 30 Park Place can be resumed with this: 2018 panels, 70 floors for a 949 feet-height tower.

See the 30PARKPLACE website.

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