About us

our mission

BPDL wants to be recognized as the best option for architectural and structural precast concrete projects by:
The continuous development of our technology
Excellence in customer service and product quality
Trust and respect for our commitments
Security at all levels of our organization
Profitability for our development

Concrete solutions for visionary minds

BPDL believes that great ideas and milestones begin with a dream and that achieving such a vision requires more than being in the right place at the right time. Since 1976, BPDL professionals have worked with architects, engineers, general contractors and developers to plan, develop and execute large-scale construction projects.  BPDL is a fully integrated organization with research and development facilities, design and engineering, mold preparation, welding and galvanization teams, as well as an innovative patented transportation system. Our leading facilities cover all aspects of precast concrete manufacturing, from its initial design to its on-site delivery and installation.

our values

BPDL is a company that stands for integrity and is committed to being professional in everything we do to develop and maintain trusting relationships. For us, this is a prerequisite for achieving excellence.

what to expect

Tailored and precisely designed art pieces to meet all your expectations for visual expression.
High-quality materials and results for projects that will last through time.
Technical processes, installations and know-how developed to solve your projects while maximizing productivity.
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