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Structural precast concrete presents bold challenges that BPDL designers are very pleased to face. Stadiums, bleachers, deck beams, floor slabs, freestanding walls or control towers are all applications where the intrinsic strength of concrete combines with its aesthetics. The use of precast concrete solutions offers many other benefits such as installation safety, smaller teams at the site, more precise cost control and the fact that construction can take place, no matter what time of year.

elements of structural buildings

Especially represented by solid or Double Tee slabs, beams, balconies, or columns, the elements of structural buildings are components that complement existing or under construction structures, and that bring innovative technical solutions.

road infrastructure

Whether in the form of bridge beams or deck slabs, precast concrete elements for road infrastructure offer many advantages in terms of quality as well as speed of manufacture and installation. We are as capable of designing standardized products as those requiring a higher level of complexity.
The Super-slab® is a good example of how main arteries, access ramps, toll stations or pedestrian crossings can be replaced overnight, minimizing impacts on the road network.

parking garages

Precast concrete parking lots allow for fast construction, versatile design, or attractive exterior finishes. This sustainable and economical solution is proving to be an increasingly adopted and popular choice among commercial, municipal and institutional customers. Several options are available, including double-tees, allowing excellent port surfaces for durable and solid construction.


The primary advantage of precast concrete bleachers is their high level of precision, allowing them to incorporate elements helping other trades to proceed more quickly. For example, inserts can be included in the parts in order to eliminate a step when installing seats and ramps.

Total Precast

We call Total Precast the combination of architectural and structural precast concrete elements forming a building as a whole. It is a quick way to erect walls, to build floors and ceilings, and thus allow the entry, in record time, of the interior finishing crafts.


BEBO®  is a precast concrete arch system for tunnels, culverts or other underground structures, and long span bridges.

BPDR (member of the BPDL Group) is a licenced manufacturer for the design and fabrication of BEBO® system.
«Art without engineering is dreaming. Engineering without art is calculating»
-Steven Roberts
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