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The real benefits of architectural precast concrete lie in the virtually limitless effects that its use allows to obtain. BPDL designs and manufactures custom and high-precision molds to create unique and original elements at will. We carry out samples and prototypes to assist the architect in his visualization of the aesthetic effect sought to ensure the success of his project.

Architectural concrete

Technological advancements in concrete have definitely brought architects back to their drawing tables. This is because precast concrete offers so many new possibilities: shapes, structures, textures, colors... opportunities offered by high-performance blends and developed by years of experience. In short, with precast concrete, the architecture reaches new heights.


The Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC)  is a choice known for its reliability and lightness. Produced from a mixture of concrete and fiberglass, the GFRC is a must in rebuilding or adding elements to an existing structure or when faced with load limitations.


Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a ductile material with a compression resistance of up to 250 MPa and a bending resistance of up to 45 MPa. It also has low porosity, exceptional resistance to weathering, abrasion and corrosion.


The SLENDERWALL® integral envelope system is a proprietary solution made of precast concrete and a steel stud system. Because of its reduced weight, it contributes to the reduction of the costs of the building foundations, the requirements for the structure, the delivery and the installation. It is even more complete when the insulation is installed in the factory.

Total Precast

We call Total Precast the combination of architectural and structural precast concrete elements forming a building as a whole. It is a quick way to erect walls, to build floors and ceilings and thus allow the entry, in record time, of the interior finishing crafts.
«Concrete is very accessible, which is its paradox: an indestructible material, even rigid, it is nevertheless one of the most flexible and least restrictive»
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