Precast concrete is, first and foremost, a solution.


Time to Build Resilient

The nature of primary resources and the processes of construction of precast concrete offer important economic, social and environmental benefits: excellent cost-benefits ratios in the short and long term, energy efficiency, unequalled life cycle and reduction of environmental impacts on site.

The industry has ordered an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) and has provided a Life Cycle Analysis of certain products, proving its leadership and commitment to be transparent about its environmental impacts.


Light, Strong. A weight off your shoulders

GFRC One of the most popular and innovative building material used across the globe, Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) has become a must when rebuilding or adding elements onto an existing structure or when confronted with load restrictions.

SLENDERWALL® SlenderWall® is a proprietary precast concrete and steel stud wall system designed to reduce costs on building foundations and structure requirements, shipping and installations. 

EKLIPS PANELS® Eklips panels are made ​​from Ultra-Hight Performance fiber reinforced Concrete (UHPC) and offers a lightweight outer coating solution.


Let us in from the start, and finish ahead

Involving BPDL in the first phase of design will result in significant overall economy. The precaster can optimize the use of precast concrete by reducing stress on the structure, repeating the use of a minimum number of molds or improving design.The model-based Tekla software was developed to improve designing and planning constructions, including precast concrete projects. 


Honoring Heritage

When an effort of conservation, restoration or revitalization is put in place, precast concrete becomes a clear choice to recreate natural stone or cast stone elements. Precast concrete's versatility in architectural finishes, color and shape will render the original aesthetics of buildings or components and thus preserve and respect historical significance.


Rethinking Building Envelope

SlenderWall® is a proprietary precast concrete and steel stud wall system designed to reduce costs on building foundations and structure requirements, shipping and installations. Engineered for new construction, re-cladding and renovation projects, SlenderWall® integrated building envelope system literally gives architect wings, offering limitless architectural solutions including plant-insulated panels with plant-installed windows.


Build 100% precast

We call ''Total precast'' a construction approach in which architectural and structural precast concrete components can be combined to create an entire building. It's a fast way to erect walls, floors and roof giving access to interior trades in record time. Keep your project on track with total precast.


The Concrete That Will Shape Tomorrow

Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) is a ductile material providing compressive strengths up to 250 Mpa and flexural strengths up to 45 Mpa, as well as a low porosity, exceptional resistance to harsh climates, abrasion and corrosion. Besides its exceptional properties, UHPC allows for faster construction time and superior aesthetics.

We offer Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC) trought our division Bétons Génial.


Performing noise barrier

Acrylite® soundstop offers transparent noise barriers that enhance scenic views along roadways, reduce the apparent height of a noise wall and increase the amount of sunlight in the nieghbouring yards.  A unique look!

Durisol® is a proprietary material made by bonding wood fiber with cement. It’s a quick build consisting of panel and post systems, it’s extremely competitive on price and it possesses properties offering ultra­high performance. 

Whisper Wall® is an innovation that has made a significant contribution to sustainable development. This sound absortive noise barrier system helps improve the quality of life of many communities living close to highways. Made of cement and recycled rubber aggregate, Whisper-Wall provides excellent acoustic protection as well as unlimited finish and creative possibilities. 

Please contact us for any other noise barriers concept that applies to your project.


Bridges and Engineering Works of Art

Whether you are building road infrastructures, stadiums (bleachers, vomitories, stairs), bridges or piers, precast concrete will generate impressive savings. In addition to improved aesthetics and resistance, precast concrete will also allow you to get safe on-site installation, smaller teams and year-round working time.

You may be specificly interested by simple or double tees panels, slabs, or BEBO concrete arches. 


You can Imagine. We can make it Real

Breakthroughs in concrete technology literally brought back architects to the drawing table. Precast concrete creates new possibilities: form, structure, texture, color… Substantial cost savings and reduced building time… In short, with precast concrete, architecture reaches new peaks.


Take the Fashionable Approach

If urban planners, architects, landscape architects, civil and municipal engineers did not yet know about precast concrete, they do now. Its exceptional properties, applications and advantages have improved and boosted the practice and research in urban design. By generating savings on building time, workmanship and costs as well as allowing unparalleled architectural freedom, precast concrete can be used to create stimulating and inviting public spaces.

Get inspired by the High Line project in our portfolio.


Concrete, above and underground

The combination of the strength of the material and its adaptability makes precast concrete the ideal solution for various drainage applications. For stormwater and sanitary sewers, for retaining walls for soil stabilization, for pipes, box culverts and many more drainage applications, we produce high quality precast concrete to meet your requirements as well as those specified by CSA and MTQ. Consult our BPDR division for more information on this range of solutions


Customized solutions

We can also supply roadway/site construction custom products to US government agencies, municipalities, developers, owners and contractors throughout the Northeast.  PSC Precast Concrete Specialties Corp., one of BPDL division, provides strong, durable and cost effective precast concrete products. Please contact PSC Precast Concrete Specialties Corp for more information on this range of solutions.



Applied research and development

Ideas Lead To Progress

At BPDL, we continuously strive to improve processes and techniques in order to maximize productivity and refine equipment. This startup mentality has brought the company at the forefront of construction changemakers.

Les idées mènent au progrès 

BPDL travaille constamment à améliorer ses procédés et techniques, à maximiser sa productivité et à perfectionner ses équipements. C’est cette attitude qui lui a permis de se hisser aux premiers rangs lorsqu’il est question d’innovation.

Graphic Concrete

Graphic Concrete membranes allows for textures, colors, graphic elements or photographic finishes. Architects and designers can select standard patterns, design their own or use raster graphics to create unique work-­of-­arts on concrete facades.

Wastewater treatment and recycling system

In addition, the water that is used to clean the equipment used to mix and transport wet concrete is drained into settling and filtration ponds. The sand debris is used in recycled concrete products and the treated water is again used for cleaning.

Traitement des eaux usées et de recyclage

L'eau utilisée pour le nettoyage des équipements ayant servi à mélanger et transporter le béton frais est évacuée dans des bassins de décantation et de filtration. Les débris de sable servent quant à eux à produire des produits de béton recyclé et l'eau traitée est à nouveau utilisée pour le nettoyage.

BPDL's innovative transport

BPDL’s exclusive truck trailer was designed to transport larger components than can be carried by conventional transportation systems. All components are transported in a vertical position, minimizing vibrations during transport and allowing windows and decorative features to be added at the factory — often a decisive advantage in terms of construction costs.

BPDL’s truck trailer has a platform system that provides safety and ease-of-use for workers while facilitating the logistics of preparation and unloading. The integrated tarpaulin protects components from the weather and ensures that they arrive on the jobsite clean, dry and without breakage.

BPDL is currently the only precaster in the Americas offering this special transport service to clients.

Sandblasting booth with grit recovery system

BPDL has taken the lead in sustainable development by developing a sandblasting booth with on integrated dust collector that filters suspended particulates, which are then recovered and reused in recycled concrete products used in-house.In addition, the water that is used to clean the equipment used to mix and transport wet concrete is drained into settling and filtration ponds. The sand debris is used in recycled concrete products and the treated water is again used for cleaning.


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